This is now a blacklist containing servers and people who broke our agreement and are not allowed to order any more plugins.


  • Chris Akerboom (schoolkid182, schoolkidFTW) [] – Gangs Plugin
    Server taken down
  • Shaun Appleby/Waster (ShaunMC, shaun.waster) cheap jordans online [] – EnderGames
    Contacted host for takedown
    Server taken down
  • My Technician cheap jordans online (Hatnet) [,]  – HatnetChat/PixelmonChat<br cheap Oakleys sunglasses />
    Chasing invoices, Contacting DMCA
  • Adder [Ex staff:] – NoBannedItems & Top<br NFL Jerseys Cheap />
    Violating copyrights after demote and insults
  • Josh -//- Developer -//- Fatal [] – FatalScoreboard
  • Logical Solutions [clinga11 Cheap Oakleys , Zach Clinger,]
    Theft of IP, hacking, preparing legal actions