1. “What can you do?” – I master C++, C#, Java , php , javascript, html, css, ruby, python and objective C. However as for freelancing I only do Java plugins and Php , html, css hooks to plugins.
  2. “Can you be a developer on my server?” – We thank you for the offer, but we will never accept these. I am a freelancer and I am not looking for a job on a server.
  3. “Can you update plugin X on bukkit?” – In most cases we can, but some authors do not allow others to edit and distribute their plugins. Check the license of the plugin and post the request in our ‘Plugin Request’ form with a reference to the plugin.
  4. “Can you make X plugin, we give you a good rank!” – Again we thank you for the offer but plugin developing takes a lot of time. Sometimes we even get people who ask us to make a minigame and as a reward we are allowed to play the minigame on their server.
  5. “How can I configure my recently purchased plugin?” – If you have questions concerning the configuration of the plugin you can contact us. We will help you or maybe send an example configuration. Mostly our config files are well documented in the PDF, so it shouldn’t be a problem.
  6. “How can I test the plugin?” –We give a two day trial for each plugin. If you find any bugs we will fix them and send a new trial plugin file. We will give you a link to an example server you can run on your Windows machine to test the plugin. If you lost your plugin that was made after 06/2014 you can use the license to download the plugin.
  7. “I lost my plugin.jar!” – We make daily backups of our plugins, feel free to contact us with the invoice number in the subject.
  8. “Can you add a new item to the game?” – I am a bukkit plugin developer, this means I make plugins that use Vanilla minecraft features. We can change the names and mechanics of already existing items, but we can’t make new items with textures. We can however create crafting recipes for items that normally can’t be crafted.
  9. “How can I pay?” – You can pay using PayPal. If you have any problems with paypal we can try to find an alternative.
  10. “I want this, this and this plugin” – Please make separated plugin requests. If you really want to have multiple plugins you should consider separating them instead of making it into one plugin. What if you get tired of that one feature? Then you end up with no plugins.
  11. “Oh I forgot, can you add that feature?” – Once we agree with the features and the price you can’t make other feature requests unless we negotiate a new price. If it is a small feature we might add it within the agreed price.
  12. “Can you make a plugin like randomserver.com?” – Maybe yes, maybe no. Please provide more information. We will not respond to mails or requests that only contain a link to a server.
  13. Can you teach me to code plugins?” – I no longer give lessons to beginning programmers. They have to many hopes and think they can code awesome plugins after a few lessons. Too many scams as well.
  14. Why are the public plugins so much cheaper?!” – Public plugins are made for a bigger audience. In most cases we make public plugins because it takes a lot of time and money to produce them and it would cost way to much if it would be sold as a private plugin. A private plugin is made for just one person and it includes the source code.