Terms of Service

Private Plugins (Custom plugins)

  1. When there is an agreement on the price, you are required to purchase the plugin for that price once the trial has exceeded without any reported bugs or letting us know that you are no longer interested. An agreement on the price also means an agreement on the features that will be added.
  2. When the plugin is ready you receive a trial plugin that you can use for two days. If this trial has ran out, you are not longer allowed to use the plugin or bypass the protection. If you do so, this can lead into a copyright claim.
  3. It is allowed to request updates for public plugins as long as the copyright license allows us to. We will not release public plugin updates as a trial.
  4. We will not create plugins that will or can be used to gain passwords or private information from users.
  5. We will charge 10% extra if we do not receive the payment when the invoice is due for two weeks.
  6. Plugins that will take more then a month or cost more then 200 Euros , require a 25% payment in advance.
  7. We do not support updating plugins for protocol hacks (spigot).
  8. New plugins are build on a stable or beta build. We do not start new plugins on development builds.
  9. If the payment for a plugin upgrade is not payed this can lead into a boycott for the whole plugin updating. The price and features for a plugin upgrade will be set before the actual development begins.
  10. Auto updating is only available for the latest Bukkit (minor) version. We will not update plugins on older bukkit version if the new Bukkit version is in beta. This does not apply to plugins specifically made for modded servers such as Pixelmon, Voltz that use older Bukkit versions.
  11. The plugin contains default commands of the MVdW Framework. These do not affect performance. Trial plugin also contain debug commands that are used while testing (colors, permissions , etc)
  12. Cancellation in the plugin trial is 15% of the plugin if no valid reason is provided. We will always change or fix bugs or missing features that were requested. A reason is deemed invalid if the customer can not provide any problem or missing feature or if the feature was not discussed before a price was given.
  13. Cancellation 2 days after the plugin trial is 80% of the plugin. No code or documentation will be given. Skype conversations and email traffic is being logged to provide evidence  that a feature was not discussed.
  14. Cancellation does not mean “Can you do this instead”. Once there is an agreement on the price and features you are required to pay.
  15. Update requests after the End Of Support / Warranty will cost around 5 Euros depending on the changes. The warranty for the update is until the next Minor version update. (1.7.* -> 1.8.* -> 1.9.* , …). Meaning if more bugs are found during that period they will be fixed for free.
  16. Private plugins are made on request. You hire me to do something. Make sure you know the law of your country concerning hiring of people/developers.
  17. Private and public plugins require a license key to work. In private plugins this is already included and is merely used as a way to provide updates in a secure way.
  18. Services can be denied when breaking the agreement. The blacklist of people not allowed to order any plugin can be found here.

Public Plugins (On this site or spigot)

  1. Premade plugins can be bought for a small price but may not be distributed.
  2. If a premade plugin license or file is distributed this will lead into the key to be disabled without refund.
  3. Reverse engineering is not allowed. Unauthorized use or distribution of the copyrighted code will result in a 100$ fee per illegal download.
  4. We do not support updating plugins for protocol hacks (spigot) unless specifically made for it.
  5. Auto updating is only available for the latest Bukkit (minor) version. We will not update plugins on older bukkit version if the new Bukkit version is in beta.
  6. When the support for a plugin ends all customers with a license will get the source code of the plugin. The plugin will act under a General Public License copyrighted by MVdW Software when the EOL gets reached.
  7. We do not offer refunds for purchased plugins. All features are described in the manual.
  8. Bought resources on SpigotMC.org are linked to one user only. If you are banned we will not transfer these plugins to an alt account.
  9. Updates after the EOS are possible and will cost around 5 euros per update.
  10. We are allowed to sell plugins since all plugins are made upon Bukkit (GPL) meaning all downstream projects are GPL as well.
    Bukkit is a wrapper and CraftBukkit (LGPL) is the server. If plugin’s that require craftbukkit would be sold this would indeed not be allowed
  11. According to Mineraft’s EULA. However Bukkit is a wrapper licensed GPL meaning selling plugins is allowed.
  12. The price of a new public plugin purchase can change over time depending on the interest popularity or new features.
  13. We take measures to protect our work. Therefor invalid or stolen licenses will provide more information on the actual problem. This is only applied to plugins on this site.
  14. Services can be denied when breaking the agreement. The blacklist of people not allowed to order any plugin can be found here.
  15. License of plugins are All Rights Received
  16. You may not modify the plugin in any way